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About Mapping the Sacred

Mapping the Sacred is an online interactive platform to map sacred natural sites. This category of sites includes sacred spaces that are set within natural surroundings and are sacred to individuals, groups and communities for a variety of reasons. Mapping the Sacred enables users to identify their sacred sites by putting dots on the map, drawing lines around site boundaries if they are known and uploading photos, videos and other material. It provides a flexible way of representing sacred spaces and how people interaction with them. Many sacred natural sites are contested because of conflict between different interest groups and there are both risks and benefits in mapping these sites. Mapping the Sacred provides a platform whereby the presence of sacred sites is recognised. Many of these sites and the rituals performed there are of secretive nature and information associated with the sites is sensitive. Mapping the Sacred is a secure web-based platform and it gives the user control over information they want protected, meaning that access to sensitive information is therefore safeguarded.

Mapping the Sacred has received funding from the University of Oxford and the Open University, United Kingdom, in its pilot phase. Further funding is being sought for future work.